Mascot contests


Each country presents its mascot

Croatian mascot: "The Fig "

The fruit connected to the hard life of Dalmatia in the past is fig. Fresh in the summer months and used dried in all other months. It is part of our tradition and culture, rich in nutritional value and it is useful in the diet for sweet and savory dishes. Dalmatia is full of fig trees on islands and on the mainland. The fig trees adapts to the climate and growing mostly wild. 

Cypriot mascot: "Maroullou"

Greek mascot: "Athena"

According to a myth Athena competed with Poseidon for the patronage of Athens. They agreed that each would give the Athenians one gift and that Cecrops, the king of Athens, would determine which gift was better. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and a water spring sprang up; this gave the Athenians access to trade and water. Athena offered the first domesticated olive tree. Cecrops accepted this gift and declared Athena the patron goddess of Athens. The olive tree brought wood, oil, and food, and became a symbol of Athenian economic prosperity.

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Portuguese mascot: "Lutra"

This is our Mascot. The mascot of our school is the otter, an endangered animal that lives in the Neiva River, the nearest river in Barroselas.

The otter's name is "LUTRA", a name that plays with the Portuguese common name of the animal, LONTRA... LONTRA/LUTRA, you see?

Our LUTRA has so many outfits under each topic she shows a different knowing how!

Now she is a healthy otter she takes care about vegetables, fruit, fish and water. She is also a very energetic animal and likes to do exercise, listen to music and do some ski on ice.

Spanish mascot: "Tarongeta"

Turkish mascot: "Healthy human in nature"

Turkish students wanted to design a healthy human. First they made a human from waste materials. Then they painted and decorated it with fruits to show the importance of nutrition and called it ' Human In Nature'. Our mascot is a symbol of human, health and nature.These are one of most important things for our future.