Creating and distributing a questionnaire to explore the eating habits of students and their free time. Concentration of results, creation of graphs. Presentation of the results on a visible board in the school.

We distributed the following questionnaire to the students: 

And these are the results per school:






On 30th October 2019 our school completed a survey about our eating habits. These are the results:

  • We are one hundred and fifty-five students, 50 per cent are boys and 50 per cent are girls.
  • 87 per cent have breakfast every day. Eight students only have breakfast during the school days and three students never have breakfast.
  • About 54 per cent of students drink a glass of milk a day and 16 per cent drink between two and 6 in a week.
  • 71 per cent of students have more than three meals a day. Surprise!!! Twenty-one students have only one or two meals a day!!! Is it real????
  • About 54 per cent of students eat out once or twice a week, but 40 per cent never eat out.
  • An important part of students eat boiled (61%), roasted (56%) or cooked food in a saucepan (38%). Only a few eat fried food (19%).
  • The majority of students (52%) have lunch at school every day. Only four students never eat in the school canteen.
  • About 30 per cent of the students have one pot of yoghurt a day.
  • Thirty students never eat cheese but thirty-four students eat cheese once a day.
  • More than one hundred students never eat cheese pie or spinach pie. Seventy-two students eat fish twice a week but three students never eat fish. Most of the students never eat liver. Our students don't usually eat sheep or goat. Sixty-five students eat fried potatoes once a month and twelve never eat fried potatoes. We think it's very good! Sixty-five students eat sweets once a month and eleven never eat sweets. About sixteen eat sweets once a day or more. That's really bad! Seventy-five students drink coca cola once a month. Once a day forty-eight children eat fruit and eighty-four eat vegetables every day.
  • Eighteen students never eat vegetables but mostly of them eat vegetables frequently.
  • We like fruit but ninety-nine don't like figs.
  • More than seventy students never eat pumpkin or peppers.
  • Most of the pupils do exercise at least twice a week.