Science Week


Science week: study and workshops on plant and animal cells, the role of photosynthesis, mitosis, microorganisms that feed us, chemistry in the kitchen, the role of composting.




The activities in the video are part of the planned experiments and other activities as the closure of the schools due to the pandemic of the COVID19 did not allow us to continue. 


Invisible ink

Microscopic observation of animal and plant cells

Mug cake

Purplr cabbage


In our school, upper grades celebrated science week with different proposals. Sixth grade, in teams, searched for an experiment and did the demonstration to the other students. Fifth grade, did a 3D cell, named all the parts and explained all the information learned in school. Moreover, they did a craft of our senses: sight, taste and hearing. They explained all the parts and did a demonstration. Fourth grade learned about how food waste can contribute to our field, and they did an experiment learning about solid, liquid and gas. Moreover, fifth and sixth grade, elaborated electrical circuits, in different shapes, being a dancing woman, a mickey mouse or a rocket with lights. We learned a lot and had great fun!