Workshops about local - seasonable products of autumn, visits to farms, fields, local markets, creations of posters, cooking.

Croatian school

Chocolate day in our classroom

Activity: Read the book, make chocolate desserts and then watch the movie

After reading the novel, the students watched movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory directed by Tim Burton. Also, they prepared chocolate desserts. 

Healthy breakfast (1st grade students)

Students researching recipes in cookery book "Dalmatinska kuharica" and on the Internet. 

Olive harvest

On school playground children are playing their favorite game - dodgeball.

Cypriot school

Greek school

Olive harvest

Grape harvest

Producing "tsipouro"

Posters about Autumn products

Visiting the local market

Fruit salad (1st grade)

Plum jam

Apple pie

Lettuce salad

Broccoli salad

Cabbage salad

"Varvara" a traditional dish for the Saint Barbara day

At a chicken coop

Portuguese school

Harvest fair

Spanish school

Turkish school

Making mixed salad

Workshop autumn products

Fruit Day

Delicious Day

Organisation with General Directorate Of Forestry