Fruit Day


"Fruit Day" : workshops on fruit.



Eating fruits in various ways!

Fruit drawings and collages.

Fruit poems, proverbs and riddles.


The Tasting Contest.

After students had presented and met the fruit, they voted their three best and covering their eyes tried to guess the kind of fruit they tasted each time. At the end, we all enjoyed the remained fruit as a fruit salad. What is more, some students had fun creating graphs about the fruit preferences. 

Digital books with students' drawings and writings created also by some students:

The paper book with all students' drawings and writings, some fruit cards,fruit  poems presented by our younger students and some fruit stories written by our students, as well.

Some fruit in our partner's languages.

Hidden words, hidden fruit, a game created by our students:

A crossword about fruit created by our students:

Two big posters and many stories written by my students for the FRUIT DAY, May activity.

We love playing our memory game and get all the fruit!

....and our online memory game! You can play it once you click the button:

Fruits in bookmarks and in pixel art:

Fruits with bottle caps 

Tasty things from class B